Graphene Infused Waterless Wash


Discover our Graphene-Infused Car Care: It’s a waterless car wash, detailer, and ceramic coating maintenance spray in one. Just spray, wipe, and enjoy a long-lasting shine for over 6 months. Perfect for quick touch-ups between washes, it cleans and protects with ease



Experience the pinnacle of car care innovation with our Graphene-Infused Waterless Car Wash, Spray-On Detailer, and Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray. This cutting-edge formula combines the power of graphene with advanced cleaning technology to provide a multi-functional solution for your vehicle.

Effortlessly remove dirt and grime with just a spray, rub, and wipe. The graphene-infused formula penetrates deep to lift away contaminants, leaving behind a pristine surface. Not only does it clean on contact, but it also imparts a super-slick, mirror-like shine that lasts for over 6 months.

Beyond its cleaning prowess, this versatile product acts as a waterless car wash, perfect for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance between washes. It also serves as a spray-on detailer, enhancing gloss and protecting surfaces from environmental elements.

Whether you’re tackling light dirt or maintaining your ceramic coating, our Graphene-Infused Waterless Car Care is your go-to solution. Elevate your car care routine with ease and efficiency, while achieving professional-level results that stand the test of time


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