Spray On Ceramic


Introducing Spray-On Ceramic: a powerful, ultra-glossy Ceramic Coating that lasts up to 1 year. With easy spray-on application, it protects paint, glass, plastic, and rubber surfaces, offering unmatched shine and durability.



Harness the advanced capabilities of SiO2 technology with our Spray-On Ceramic, an ultra-glossy, do-it-yourself Ceramic Coating. This innovative Spray-On Detailer forms a durable ceramic shield proven to endure for up to 1 year. Offering a hassle-free spray-on, wipe-off application, Spray-On Ceramic can effortlessly protect various surfaces including paint, glass, plastic, and rubber. Elevate your detailing routine with this versatile solution, which can also serve as a Ceramic Coating topper, ensuring lasting protection and a stunning finish.


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